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The guaranteed reservation transport in the number of passengers provided with one or more vehicles, in agreement with the number of seats allowed by French law. The type of vehicle used depends on the availability of time.
We reserve the right to hold certain transfers with other companies or Taxis Transport if for unforeseen reasons our fleet could not provide the service.

Luggage transport is provided by our services, but is limited to the amount a person can move on its own.
For all requests exceeding that standard, no problem, just let us make clear in your reservation request.
If you have ski bags, please let us now before.

We recommend booking as soon as possible.
All requests for reservations will be subject to acceptance by our services. All confirmed reservations will be accepted by fax or E-mail.
We can suggest your time you advised of your departure. It is your responsibility to determine the time you start taking the risks of delay (snow, traffic, etc.).
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